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Land Owners

Expert Partners 

We work with National Affordable Providers, Planning Consultants, Architects and various professionals all working with one aim of maximising the project viability of your land.... 


As a PropTech (Property Technology) company we harness technology alongside property throughout the process that sets us apart from the competition....

Planning & Delivery

We save time and money in real terms working with our Affordable Housing Partners, Planning Consultants, Local Councils that achieves maximised return in the shortest timeframe....let us show you....

Customer Support

We're there to support our clients throughout the whole process, working with all relevant parties to ensure a smooth journey in an otherwise complex process....


At Oxygen Partners we offer a simple honest service that delivers. 

Our strategy to help our landowners maximise their land values takes a joint process of; 

- working directly with National Affordable Housing providers to spearhead the planning process 

- we work hand-in-hand with all our specialist partners to achieve the end game as efficiently as possible  

Our partners are greatly aligned with Council planners, government targets and can often receive a 'smoother' planner journey - resulting in time savings and therefore money benefits in 'real terms' for our landowners. 

Oxygen Partners always trades safely with openness and integrity. We're transparent in our work to make an impact to the UK affordable (Starter Homes) housing markets in an ethical fashion.

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