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Welcome to Oxygen Partners

"Everyone deserves the home they desire - we help bring the parts together"

Oxygen Development Partners work with both Private & Public organisations across the South of the UK. 

We work hand in hand with our landowner clients in optimising opportunities and land value in creating a win-win-win scenario. 

We have a solid and demonstrable track record of working directly with Housebuilders & National Affordable Housing Partners to deliver starter homes across the southern UK in conjunction with our cross country associates. 

Our Services

 "We harness our many years of experience in property development and technology to make a social impact to the UK housing market"  

Land Owners

We work with many landowners in establishing the best strategy to optimise their land values. 

We combine 50+ years of experience in doing this.  

Affordable Housing 

We work with key Affordable Housing Providers across the Southern UK in building our solid reputation for delivery.
We work on Land, Land Build & turnkey basis,  combining expertise of our Contractors with sound HA delivery pedigree across many HA projects. 


If you have an interest in supporting our growth, earning great returns and making a social impact, then please reach out and contact us. 

We help those that help others.... 

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Our Projects
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We're part of the PropTech movement

Oxygen has technology at it's core, is a Proptech company and makes best use of technology across spectrum of services ;

From Land sourcing, planning and scheme design through to construction - we deliver for our landowners, investors, construction partners, Housing Associations, Home owners and UK housing  

About Us

Oxygen Development Partners objective is to "help those that help others"

We do this in many way including ; 

- Sourcing land opportunities utilising our experience in PropTech (Property Technology) 

- Working directly with Landowners to help understand the many options available, bring our Planning expertise to the table and ultimately maximise their asset values

- Working directly with Housing Associations, Local Authorities & Commercial Developers to deliver change and social impact to UK housing

- Take action with our Community led housing scheme partners; assessing local & social needs

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Oxygen Partners were knowledgable, easy to deal with and helped me understand my best options for my land. They acted with integrity and I always felt they worked hard on my behalf despite the numerous challenges.  

Tom Ray Land Owner

We have worked with Oxygen on numerous projects for Housing Association schemes. We all worked as part of the same team and got the job done. Oxygens project manager was invaluable in pulling all relevant parties in the same direction for a successful delivery. 

Phil Whitman Contractor

Oxygen provide great service, always have the right information at the right point in the cycle to enable us to get projects over the line. We have worked on Land and Land & build basis. Great team delivery.

Phillippa  Development Manager
Affordable Housing Provider